2NE1 Try To Follow Me MV- CL intro items

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Throughout the entire Try to follow me music video 2NE1’s leader CL was fierce! fierce! fierce!  In the  intro of the MV CL is rocking a lollipop look , that I absolutely love. Though I believe that her Rainbow sliding lock styled military jacket is a DIY , her leoptard underneath is not.



Credit: To the people who created the SC


6 Responses to 2NE1 Try To Follow Me MV- CL intro items

  1. lugylle says:

    CL and her group is no.1 in the philippines..

  2. Maiybe says:

    yay! the mv was awesome, kind of funny

    i saw these shoes and for some reason i think someone in 2ne1 wore them. You’re the expert, so am I right? (if not it does seem their style :D)

  3. April says:

    CL !!!! you are the best rapper and the best leader. In new video ‘Go Away’, you are sooo attractive and more beautiful. I wish that you will be famous and successful in future.

  4. Etrnlsuns says:

    hehehe i love cl and her awesome outfits :>

  5. CL this is….a big pile of sh…….SHAZAM

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    The jacket is so pretty…to bad (or good?) it’s a DIY…time to go buy materials!

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