UEE for Seven Jeans

After School‘s UEE is Representing Korea for the 2010  7 For All Mankind  Global Campaign. UEE is known for her honey thighs and is putting to them to good use. Maybe she’ll be like Son Dambi and get a pair of jeans neamed after her.

I personally owned a pair of Seven Jeans, but I think I gave them to my mother (or she took them ) either way I now want them back. D:



2 Responses to UEE for Seven Jeans

  1. Wickeddreamer says:

    Lucky…you have a pair >.<
    I spied upon a pair that I really wanted but it costs about $130 TT_TT

  2. lulu Al-banna says:

    sooooooooo cute i love after schoool soooo much love u uee

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