Chinatsu Wakatsuki is a V.I.P!

Japanese actress and model Chinatsu Wakatsuki pulled a Jay Park (minus the glits) and shaved the left side of her head. Oh and did I mention the intitials BB were shaved in. We have another V.I.P , ladies and gentlemen.

Chinatsu Wakatsuki said

 “I dyed my hair blond like G-Dragon. Of course this logo is for Big Bang.”

I personally loved it, so much that I posted it Kstyle. Edgy cuts like these inspire me. Though I think I could never pull off a cut like that. I probably don’t have the  youknowwhats to do it anyway.



3 Responses to Chinatsu Wakatsuki is a V.I.P!

  1. I wish i could have “BB” on the side of my head! ahahaah

  2. Wickeddreamer says:

    Her nails in the last pic….so cool!

  3. Heids says:

    woaaah… her eyes are captivating…. I would have BB tattooed on my forehed if I could. JK. But that’s a lot of dedication on her part, I mean, she’s a model for crying out loud…

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