HyunA’s sporty look in Change MV

4Minute member HuynA recently released her solo digital song Change. Change has been a hit of 2010 so far, but what caught fans attention even more, was the Change music video. The lack of clothing and intense pelvic thrusting  made the mv rated 19+. Never saw it? Check it out below:

See what I mean? Though,what caught my eye was the six wardrobe changes during the music video. In one seen at 2:04 , She wore a sporty urban look.

I know that I have seen HyunA’s skirt , but I can’t remember where. Hmm…


The metallic Dr.Marten can be bought at the Doc Marten site

The Calvin Klein briefs can be bought at any large department store( ex. macys) 



4 Responses to HyunA’s sporty look in Change MV

  1. MS says:

    Did you figure out where do you remember that outfit at 2:04?

  2. Woah, i love the dr. martens…

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Never been a fan of Doc Martens….but those gold boots makes me want to become one…..

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