f(x) and M.I.C’s Lollipop 30sec CF is out

f(x) and new Chinese boy group  M.I.C’s are the new spokes group for the Cyon Lollipop cellphone. Rings a bell? Big Bang and 2NE1 previously did a cf and track back in 2009. Anyway, The  Lollipop track was revealed days ago the difference between the two is that this version is in Chinese.

The full length music video will be coming out soon ,but the 30’s sec preview is out.

The song is catchy and I really enjoyed it. f(x) and M.I.C looked cute , I think their overall style concept is nice. They are taking the concept of bold colors and patterns a little differently…except for some members. I can’t stop thinking that they are trying to bit too much to replicate the Big Bang & 2NE1 outfit’s in their version. Victoria is practically wearing CL‘s fire promotional outfits.

I can’t wait for the full release, so I can update with their clothing items. Please send in tips to Kstyleblogcntct@yahoo.com , because their are so many items to look for.



3 Responses to f(x) and M.I.C’s Lollipop 30sec CF is out

  1. CHAN THE MAN says:

    jess..wtf is this D< The one time I go on your blog, it's not 2NE1? xD a chinese boy band? in korea? LOL another gimmick.

  2. kworldstyle says:

    since your chatbox thingy was deleted. So i posted here. Yes of course. we are even since i took the jaejoong thingy

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    yup all those tights seem very reminiscent of 2NE1

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