2NE1: As seen on Tv

Thanks to my brother, I have become a big fan of G4’s Attack of the Show . So when I saw the CES 2010 was feature on the show I was already in Aww ,but to top it off ,so was 2NE1!!!! On the episode, CES was featuring 3D televisions and they showed Korea’s Samsung C9000 3D LED TV. While discussing the tv, 2NE1’s Space music video was being  displayed.

I know it might not be a HUGE deal, but I love seeing Korean pop mentioned outside of Korea media. Especially, if it’s in my daily American life.

Check it out here. You can see the girls from 1:18 -1:24 and again from 1:34-1:41.



7 Responses to 2NE1: As seen on Tv

  1. veefatbulous says:

    yay!congrats to them!!!

    oh, and i came across a tutorial inspired by one of the girl.. check it out > : )

  2. michelle says:

    cool!! im from hong kong and i was at the timesquare mall and there were 3 electronics stores, one store was playing SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish, one was playing Wonder Girls’ Nobody and the other was playing 2NE1’s Fire as well! haha it was kpop madness!

  3. OMG i cant get enough of this!

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    Nice >.< I like my Kpop stars looking phenomenal ❤

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