Get CL & Minji’s Christmas look for less

It’s Christmas time! Time to put away your summer wear and go shopping for some new winter gear. Rack up on the latest  fashions!

The stylist of 2NE1 ,Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung had the right idea while styling 2NE1 for their Baskin Robbin’s CF. I enjoyed their looks so much I decided to collect items from and recreate CL and Minji’s outfits.

First off, the Leader’s look: 


I would reccomend this look for someone who wants a soft  rocker glam style. The glam part about the outfit is the leopard print and the wool vest. The soft asspect of the outfit is that tones it down is the soft color pallete. The cake ring helps tie in the Baskin Robbins theme.

Price List:

1)Street cropped wool vest in white for $22.00 here

2)Blingstyle Washed Skinny Jeans in gray for $48.00 here

3)Sechuna Leopard Camisole in pink for $15.00 here

4)Sweet & co. Strawberry Chocolate Mini Cupcake Silver Ring for $25.00 here

Maknae’s turn!

I would reccomend Minji’s look to someone who wants a soft boyish look. Wearing the tee and distressed jeans gives that casual effect. While the blazer(often affiliated with menswear) has a feminine cut. The Red belt ties in the look because it adds color.

 gives off Price list:

1)Cherry Girl Flower-Accent Plaid Cropped Jacket in blue for $25.00 here

2) Ando Store “Girl” Graphic tee in white for $16.20 here

3)Cookie 7 Distressed Skinny Jeans for $72.00 here

4)Mooiee Imprinted Leather Belt in red for $25.oo here

Happy Shopping!


Stay tuned for my upcoming post: Get Bom & Dara’s Christmas look for less

*Each Item was selected and organized by Kstyle in order to create these outfits. All product items and product images belong to YesStyle. Credit to Yg & Baskin Robbins for the 2NE1 photos.


5 Responses to Get CL & Minji’s Christmas look for less

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  2. Etrnlsuns says:

    woahs so many links; good post haha xD

  3. waah! i want the fuzzy vest!

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    The blue plaid cropped jacket is so cute
    It’s nice to know that we can “copy” their style just cheaper

  5. Heids says:

    woah!! I absolutely LOVE Yesstyle. But I don’t love an outfit so much that I blow off 200 bucks just to copy it…

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