CL proves shes da’ leader

Crazy unpredicatable,leader undeniable, CL recently performed “The Leaders” with G Dragon and Teddy at G Dragon’s Shine A Light solo concert. From the fan cams that I saw, it seemed like an amazing performance. I thought her outfit took a risk , but she so pulled it off. 

I saw the picture that Unnie Dara posted and I though ” Wow, now I can probably locate her outfit. It looks fab.” I scrolled down and saw everyone bashing her on how unfit she looked. Pfft. Please.

Netizen’s are so cruel for no reason. -____-” This was a back stage photo of her getting ready as Dara states on the caption:

Dara:와쌉?! 두근두근… 지금 씨에루 자고있는데 몰래보내는거에요! 랙잭이들을 위해서!ㅠ이거 대기실에서찍은거에요! 씨에루 어차피 컴맹이라 내가 이거 올린거 잘모를거에요!ㅋ모두 비밀이에욧!ㅋ쉿! 섹쉬린~~~!카몬~!

Dara:Wassup?! Dudundudun… CL is sleeping now! For the Black Jacks!ㅠ This was taken in the waiting room! *One of them is computer illiterate* and I uploaded it!ㅋ It’s a secret!ㅋ Shh! Sexy Rin~~~! Come on~!

People are quick to judge and don’t consider other people’s feelings. Try being positive. Sheesh.CL once said on an episode of 2NE1 Tv and I was inspired.

” I am not pretty, but it’s good because I get to undergo many different styles”

I totally disagree with CL with one part. She is pretty. Though, I always believed  if you are sterotypical ‘pretty’, you have standards to live up to. People will judge you if you don’t look your best. If you are  normal you can play up your looks.


Be nice!


6 Responses to CL proves shes da’ leader

  1. michelle says:

    always thought CL was sexy — she looked good in that oufit. people said she looks UNFIT? WTF ARE THEY ON ABOUT?! CL LOOKED FAB.

  2. melanie celeridad says:

    cl is pretty

  3. Krissy says:

    Tch CL looks amazing no matter what she did.. She can wear whatEVER and be a BOSS! She can rock whatever style she wants because thats hot awesome she is… She actually looks good in everything.. As for unfit??? WELL…. She has a PERFECT body to me. LIke not fat not skinny and not too pretty shes actually quite stunning and breathtaking to me.

  4. Etrnlsuns says:

    shes gorgeous! and healthy

    better to have healthy hair, skin, nails, than to be skinny and look deathly

  5. WTF? she looks amaazing??!

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    Love the outfits….netizens only know how to bask most of the time :/

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