Gaho and Boss pose for Nii


Following in there owners footsteps I see. Big Bang leader G Dragon and Big Bang‘s lead vocalists Taeyang pose for Nii….Excpet this time with their dogs. Gaho and Boss are truly the stars of these shots.

They are the best looking dogs…well after my dogs Brandon and Diamond. Keke

Check out the pics here:

Gaho and G Dragon


Boss and Taeyang


This is probably the first time the spotlight has been taken away from Taeyang and G Dragon.

On the images it says the Jumper cost 179,00 won. Now. I am not sure if that is for the Men’s coat or the  Dog’s coat. Hopefully Men’s, becuase that would be pretty pricy.



4 Responses to Gaho and Boss pose for Nii

  1. i dont know whos cuter! The boys or the dogs! ahahaah

  2. Wickeddreamer says:

    Meh, I like cats more. It never fails to amazing me that many many idols own a dog or a cat.

  3. Heids says:

    DUDE I’m pretty sure that’s the dog that’s in GD’s Breathe MV. ohmygaaawsh I want do dognap him. 😀

  4. Heids says:

    Man, I love G-Dragon’s face. Hellooooo good lookn’

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