Bom’s dress @Kang Shim Jang variety show

I went to Daily Project to browse some items to see if any looked familar. But! Something was wrong with the site. D: I checked their blog and I found Park Bom‘s Dress from the episode of Kang Shim Jang that 2NE1 appeared on. She also wore it at recent performance. Hip Hip Hoooray for me!

*Bommie Unnie is so yeppo!!!*

It is the Tiger Knit Jumper from Eley Kishimoto‘s Fall Winter 2009 Collection. (Below)


Want to buy it?It can be purchased online at for £280.00. Yup, So you have to be from the Uk to get your hands on it. Click here to buy it.

Don’t fret if your not from the UK. Go look around your country to find a store where they sell Eley Kishimoto merchandise.

Happy Shopping!


Credit: Given above. 😀

P.s Does Anyone know where Bommie’s necklace is from?ghxcv

(The quality of my pictures decreased. D: boo hoo hooo)


4 Responses to Bom’s dress @Kang Shim Jang variety show

  1. Natalie says:

    I love the original-coloured jumper. 🙂 The purple is really nice… Shame I can’t afford to fork out £200 on it, though. :/

  2. i acually checked the website you linked…And they have some really awesome stuff!

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I’m jelly that idols have special access to clothes from other countries but we don’t :/

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