G Dragon loves Jeremy Scott

Big Bang leader (now solo artist for now) G dragon‘s had an interesting choice of wardrobe for the Mnet 20‘s video (above)

 He was wearing two pieces from the Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2009 collection.GD executed it very well, not digging the light brows though. D:

The sweat shirtis priced at $322.43. You can purchase the sweat shirt at Colette , a French site here

Happy Shopping!!


Credit! Don’t forget it!


4 Responses to G Dragon loves Jeremy Scott

  1. Babes says:

    Woot! That was fast! I’m so glad nobody posted this shirt & hood yet. It’s Jeremy Scott’s new A/F 2009 Collection. I’m planning on buying the dress which is $350, but I need a sugar daddy first! LOL ^^,

    I ❤ U Kstylebog~ Hwaiting!

  2. I wish i could buy just plain hoods cuz i think that looks awesome…oh yeah and im like obsessed with the sweater.

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    It sucks how we’ll need sugar daddies to match our swag with GD and 2NE1 -_-
    on a side note….I didn’t know hoods were sold separately like that!

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