GD Body tee is by…

G-Dragon’s album concept for his solo album Heartbreaker has caused a big stir in the Kpop world. His rhymes, “beats” and of course his fashions have those wacky netizens buzzing.

Thanks to Kstyler,Tamara we now can check off another Gd outfit piece off of our On the Lookout list.

GD’s top  is by Jeremy Scott from his Knight Life collection.

Snazzy find, right?

Credit: Tamara

Credit! Don’t forget it !!!!



7 Responses to GD Body tee is by…

  1. Babes says:


    It’s me again, boy oh boy, GD really loves Jeremy Scott,
    well, the red jacket he wore on his other album cover is by Jeremy scott also :

    AND, I remember he was on an interview where he wore a black sweater & red hoodie:

    [2009.08.14. BIGBANG G-Dragon ::: Mnet 20’s Choice Star Relay Interview]

    RED Hoodie: $293
    They are only found in Colette store in France and retails for about $322 . Whew~

    Sorry for the GD spam! Kstyleblog you guys rock!

  2. ehnqfwrfm says:

    NpmiAf knxwlhekznmf, [url=]akedvjldcjso[/url], [link=]lryyxcnsgtka[/link],


  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    who needs to take his shirt of when his abs are printed onto his shirt right 😛

  5. Heids says:

    are his pants like, photoshopped or do they actually look like that? They look amazing!!!!

  6. Heids says:

    I personally really really love GD’s fashion.

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