Where to get Bom’s butterfly dress


A lot of people of been asking me where to get 2NE1’s vocal Queen, Bom’s dresses.  Now! I have the answer thanks to Kstyler, Daphy.


The dress is the “gatekeeper-butterfly-dress” by Alice- mccall for F/W 09.

Since 2NE1’s stylists are unique, Bom’s dress is custom fitted and altered. The sleeves are gone, the dress is shorter and it has a tighter fit. So If you buy the dress keep that in mind.

You can buy it here for 244.30 Aud. You can convert it to yor currency.

Happy Shopping!


CrediT:Daphy & Kstyle
Credit! Don’t forget it


5 Responses to Where to get Bom’s butterfly dress

  1. maria says:

    omg ty so much i love this dress!!!

  2. karen says:

    looks like bom had hers altered a bit.
    heyyy cl looks like shes wearing tht bodysuit you posted about before… the one from american apparel but in tht other print you showed. its tht one right?

  3. karen says:

    OH~! and minji’s WAK tee is by KSUBI ❤

  4. 2ne1’s has really great style! thanks for posting because i really like knowing where their clothing is from for some random reason XD

  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    Dara’s jeans are so cool
    All their heels/shoes seems to be from the same designer…
    Anyways the dress is so pretty (not butterfly in a blatant way) I love the coat the model is wear also…

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