2NE1 outfits tee @ Entertainment relay

 Recently, the 2NE1 girls were interviewd by Kim Tae Jin on Entertainment Relay.

I recieved a tip from Kstyler,Babes  who located Maknae Minji’s tee.


3The My Pet Monster Tee by Kokon To Zai is currently sold out on most of the sites I checked. If you know a link where you can purchase this tee please leave a comment.

As for Dara, She is wearing  a TopShop piece. Shocker,right? Anyway I’ve been waiting a while for the girls to wear some of Topshop’s latetest pieces so SCORE!!



The Eek Padded Tee can be purchased here for $36.00


CL’s tank is also from Top Shop. The ‘Be Afraid’ tee can be bought here for $32.oo



Credit Babes & KStyle

Happy Shopping

 Oh P.s I got a laptop!! So now I while be able to post more often

4 Responses to 2NE1 outfits tee @ Entertainment relay

  1. Babes says:

    Oh wow! That was fast! ^^,
    That Blouse that Minji wore was from KTZ Kokon To Zai, It’s sold out everywhere because that was from Last year’s SS or AW08 Collection,although you can buy the Blue one @


    for $35.

    Thanks to you Kstyleblog, I am now inlove with Hip & Lab designers.

    Thanks for the credit! I love your BLOG! Kudos !^^

  2. eyjay says:

    hi i like your outfit wahahahahha

  3. I love daras shirt!! Mmmm….very nice

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    The monster thing on Minji’s shirt actually looks kinda cute!

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