Me2Day:GD’s specialized headphones are not that special

A long long time ago, when 2NE1‘s Fire street version music video was released I blogged about the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones the rocked in the intro.  A lot of people asked me if they could get similar headphones like the one’s GD postes on his me2day August 10th.

Image Hosted by

These headphones just arrived! There’s no more than this one in this world, Kwon Jiyong edition! Are you jealous? -GD

Go to to make your own version. Though if you really like GD’s,follow the picture above to make it look the same. I recommend being original, though. :D!  GD’s style will rank out to $274.00. Hwaiting!

Happy Shopping!


 Credit: Jessica & KStyle


15 Responses to Me2Day:GD’s specialized headphones are not that special

  1. domini927 says:

    i wish i could get those headphones kkk
    can i request to find out where 4minute gets their clothes in their new album jacket covers

  2. maria says:

    i love beats but they are so expensive the earbud things ae like 174$ not fair…curse minium wages….

  3. chrissyly says:

    I think that it will only cost $274 if you send your own BEATS in. But if you buy brand new and customize it, it’s about $500. cuz i bought my regular ones for $300.

  4. afiqah says:

    awww come on
    dont get the same colour
    he wants it to be special
    haha hes the only one who has that colour because his the first to do so xD

  5. Seiran says:

    OoO!!!!! I WANT IT I WANT IT!!
    I’ve made a decision; I want to cosplay G-DRAGON (I’m not fat and I have good pale skin) so… I NEEDS THESE HEADPHONES T_T
    I love his style though @_@ I’m sick of people calling him the male Lady GaGa. He can actually sing good in lives and he doesn’t TRY to be edgy for the sake of being edgy since he’s always had style that stands out in Big Bang >_>

  6. G-Dragonfan says:

    i wanna know if those headphone can be used? Are they just like regular wireless headphone or something/ or are they just for pretty design for look only?

  7. Stardi says:

    GD’s style will rank out to $274.00?

  8. 미셸 says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Your a saint!!! I looooove these headphones!!!!!!!! If anyone knows where a simular pair of headphones are, please let me know!!!! ^^ im begging you!! Lol

  9. Im getting beats by Dr. Dre for christmas. AND IM SO EFFING EXCITED.

  10. Wickeddreamer says:

    Too bad I love my Skull Candy already ^_^
    But GD seems to like his hot pink

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