*Update*2Ne1’s last Farewell outfits*Update*

I’ve received tons of comments asking me if I  know about more items. If I have’nt posted it yet, I have no idea.

Bom’s sweater:



This is the Hellz Bellz – Women’s Natural Born Badass Hoodie in Purple. It is currently out of stock on Karmaloop but you can purchase it here for $59.95. GASP!
I do believe that CL’s vest is custom made by her stylists. She has around four jackets that have a similar style. In the latest episode of 2NE1tv YSH (their stylist ) revealed where 2NE1’s fashion magic happens. Check it out below:

Happy Shopping!


Credit!, Don’t forget it


6 Responses to *Update*2Ne1’s last Farewell outfits*Update*

  1. wow you find things so fast, haha, its crazy!

  2. Mina says:

    Awesome. thanks! 🙂
    Do you think if you have time, you can find Dara’s pants from the performance per chance or know of where they sell pants like hers or maybe ones like BoA wears in “eat you up”/”energetic”?

  3. junglexchild says:

    thanks! ❤

  4. OOOHH Bommies sweater so cuteee ❤

  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    Woah the sweater is very unique. Wish I could rock something like that.

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