CL earrings @ Music bank

Today, My Favorite Girl group 2NE1 performed I don’t care at Music Bank and WON! again, but that’s not my entry.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with earrings. This is coming from a girl who didn’t wear earings for 2 years. I bought those green blood droplet earrings (the one Big Bnag’s leader G dragon has) and ever since then, earrings have become my love. I ended getting my tragus pierced a couple months and I got second hole piercing Sunday.

Sorry for my boring story, back to my post.

So at today’s Music Bank CL was wearing these awesomely awesome banana earrings. If you are interested in the earrings you can buy a miliar pair here at Girlprops.

The pair cost $3.99 (finally something cheap) here.

Last week CL wore these Question mark and excalmation mark earrings during an IDC performance. So I asked Etsy user Pixel Panic to make a repilca pair so i can host it on  the site for someone who was interested.

Happy Shopping!



2 Responses to CL earrings @ Music bank

  1. hahahah Cute~~ bananas XD

  2. Wickeddreamer says:

    Bananas…yum….yummy earrings!

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