Get CL’s S.I.D look for less


Everyone has been raving over 2NE1 member CL‘s outfit at the Stop Illegal downloading event.

So I decided to help my readers by creating a similar outfit  with same concept for less. Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it out on your wardrobe.

I chose each item from Forever21 because  shopping around to get one single outfit is troublesome.

The Blazer:
Even though this blazer doesn’t have a ruffled cut or high shoulders (like CL’s). This blazer has that simple ,but trendy feel to it. Plus it is like a $1,000.00 cheaper than hers. It costs $28.00

The Tee:
CL’s tee is a plain white tee with an eagle and it has a blue aura of color too. This tee has the same principles. Bird, blue,whit tee. It costs $17.00

The Jeans:
Acid wash! Acid wash! The jeans have the same acid wash. CL’s is more of a darker gray wash. If you find a darker pair of acid wash jeans go for them . It costs $23.00

The earrings:
The earrings are gold,have the same Triangular shape and cost $4.80

The shoes:
The are simply slamming!!! It cost $29.00

An awesomely awesome outfit for $101.80. CL’s outfit probably cost around $3,000.00 give or take a few thousand.

To purchase these items and for more info click here

Happy Shopping!!
Credit, Don’t forget it!

If you decided to buy these items to complete this outfit send me an email with a pic. I would love to connect with my readers more.


4 Responses to Get CL’s S.I.D look for less

  1. G. says:

    NICEEEE! I love it. 😉

  2. zerohundred says:

    I have those jeans from F21. They are amazing. I wear them more than anyone should ever wear a pair of jeans lol.

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    ROFL at “give or take a few thousand”
    That’s the sucky part in trying to copy their style…we poor people need that give or take a thousand.

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