2Ne1 at Stop illegal downloading event


2NE1 was recently at Stop Illegal Downloads” event looking as fashionable as ever.

Check out the pictures below. Credit: Kbites

2ne1 mnetIf you know about any of their fashion items please send me an email or leave a comment on this post.

6 Responses to 2Ne1 at Stop illegal downloading event

  1. dannie says:

    bom’s heels are topshop, but they seem to be unavailable online.
    in this post ( http://tinyurl.com/nmj8hs ) it says where theyre from, and ive tried them on at the store so im pretty sure, hehe.

    dara’s heels are also topshop, http://tinyurl.com/mmwpd3.

    a lil request, the lace up wedges they wore on Music Bank the 24th, i ve been searching for them but i cant seem to find them..

    great work, love this blog!

  2. junglexchild says:

    Love CL’s jacket!

  3. rona says:

    they looked great..they are indeed fashionistas..i like those outfits..

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  5. mandyduong says:


  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love all their outfits here ❤
    Especially CL's earrings and heels

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