Minji’s top for July 24th performance


Minji’s Cropped oversized tee is from Tpshop. I recieved this tip from Babes. (Thanks a bunch)


The Festival Sweat Tee is priced at $50.00 you can buy it here.

More posts like Dara’s tee at the Jult 24th perf. coming  soon. (going to be out for a while)


Happy shopping!

Credit: Babe


4 Responses to Minji’s top for July 24th performance

  1. Babes says:


    Thanks so much kstyle for the credit, although i got the info from you, when i was browsing at Topshop after finding out where CL got her cat swim suit. But still, I am glad that you really do credit people, just an ordinary-average everyday blog reader. It’s now a habit of mine to read your posts first thing in the morning!
    Much love,
    PS. I am filipina from Philippines but now in Los Angeles. I love BB then 2NE1 because of Krungkrung SSandara Park! LOL^^

    More power!

  2. mandyduong says:

    oh topshopp.. wish you were in Canada

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Unique concept, that looks pretty from a far and interesting up close.

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