Get the look: Casual Snsd genie look


This is a more casual BUT! fashion take on the Snsd Genie Military/ Army/ Navy/Sailor look. 
The cropped striped tee is perfect. Stripes are commonly associated with that sailor look. Instead of doing the common red and blue , you do Black an white so you can 
go crazy on the other items. Oh Cropped tees are so in!
The dark denim shorts help make the look, look effortless. I would Cuff the Bermuda shorts.You can do this with a shorter pair of shorts, but I’m not a big fan of short shorts.
Now the red military cap makes the outfit in my opinion. The cap proves your look without making it look like a themed costume. My style is a bit on the wild side, so you can go with a paper boy cap instead.
Gladiator shoes are HOT! and IN! Need I say more
The Anchor bracelet , again it helps tie in that Military/ Army/ Navy/Sailor look without looking like a costume.
Yellow nail polish and eyeliner.The yellow nail polish just makes you stand out more…okay I’m in love with yellow nail polish and eyeliner. had to put it there.

I know a bunch of people are going to be like “blah blah blah this isn’t snsd blah blah” 

This is the casual look, you don’t like it. Idc. I am going to do a girly version too! So everyone is satisfied.


Oh Ps.

I really couldn’t go buck wild because I tried to pick pieces  that were under $50.00.

For the prices of these items and more click here




7 Responses to Get the look: Casual Snsd genie look

  1. Hazel says:

    I really love the color of the nail polish~ Actually, I love the whole thing! 😀

  2. Kawaii91 says:

    This is so cute someone did the same thing for gee in another wordpress. Blog looks new because that was the only post lol but there gee one was cute too i really like your geinie one more lol more my style 🙂

  3. Jenn says:

    Wow, great job! I loved how you made sure the pieces were under $50 so it is actually affordable! I can’t believe you have time to do this! I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog, but this is my first comment. Hope to see more of these types of posts in the future!

  4. Emily says:

    cute! i’ve been looking all over for this! thanks a bunch!

  5. Yuri says:

    does anybody know where i can find a asian sailor outfit similar to theirs? you should TOTALLY check out the one on ebay! they have a really cute outfit, its green. <33 search it up! be sure to go to this url:
    there are only two left, so you better hurry! it'll make the perfect halloween costume

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    Totally love what you put together here (since people would look so awk walking around in a legit sailor outfit)
    Where can one find a cap like that?

  7. Heids says:

    I have a hat like that from vans. It looks epic.

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