CL’s Tiger body suit


Okay, lately I’ve been all over the place guys. I get like 20 request a day sooe of these days I’m going to list them all so you guys can help me find them. *sigh* Next case, 😀 I am going to be a little more strict with my daily tips (this week i was a mess) Also at least do one ‘Get the look a day’, since they are fun to make :D!!!!!!

To the post!

Maria sent me a tip. Sorry, for being late on posting it. Which reminds me if you send me a tip can you please tell me where you got it from so I can credit the person also.

Anyway, Maria found this tip on her own. She discovered that Cl’s tiger tee is actually a tiger body suit from Top Shop.

04E40VWHT_largeThis bad boy is the  Tiger Face Body priced at $32.00. You can purchase it here

I think CL’s jeans are those limited edition Cheap Monday jeans…who knows?


Happy shopping!!

Credit: Maria, Allkpop for the screen shot and Topshop


6 Responses to CL’s Tiger body suit

  1. 3 says:

    dara’s shirt can be found from topshop. i saw this photo in topshop of dara’s shirt JUST the day before this perf.

  2. 3 says:

    i even commented that i like the shirt so yeah, got impression

  3. mandyduong says:

    animal prints are in

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    CL’s and Minji’s tops are so pretty

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