Another win for 2NE1


OMG! another win for 2NE1 hwaiting!! Im so proud.

Okay, now for the outfits. I still haven’t found anything from last week. D: and I’m looking for today’s wardrobe pieces.

The only one I know from the top of my head is CL’s Belt/scarf. It’s from Phenomenon. Phenomenon is really popular with 2NE1,. Remember Dara’s piggy necklace? 60% of Big Bang’s wardrobe is the cool Japanese brand.


beltThe BLOODY FLAG BELT [WHITE] (sounds dangerous) can be bought here for $151.47.


Snsd lost by 7 points, this is the second time Snsd lost by a few points. I like close calls like this!

Happy Shopping!

Credit: Me and my no life

Allkpop for screen shots

Credit!, Don’t forget it

Oh Dara’s piggy necklace comes in multiple colors now check it out


5 Responses to Another win for 2NE1

  1. maria says:

    did u get my email bout cls tiger top?

  2. mandyduong says:

    i miss these days

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Such an interesting belt, except it only vaguely reminds me of veins not just blood.

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