Ji Yoon’s heart Fringed tank

4minute leggings

A while back I wrote a list of items I needed to find. Thanks to Maria I can scratch of Ji Yoon’s tank off the list.

The tank is from Top Shop. They no longer sell it online,but you can probably buy it in person.

I think the tank is around $30.00

Thanks again Maria!

Happy Shopping!


5 Responses to Ji Yoon’s heart Fringed tank

  1. anybody says:

    luv it!<3

  2. tabistar says:

    I really, really, want to buy this!
    Gonna have to make another trip to a topshop outlet to find Bom’s playsuit and this top ><<"
    I wish the online topshop store ships to my country D:

  3. sora says:

    omy that’s it!! i wanted to have this since a century ago..lolx..thanks!!

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    Never thought a fringe on the shirt would turn out so well
    This shirt is fantastic

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