CL’s Batman Tee


A while back I posted about Cl’s Batman framed glasses from the Luella Spring  2008  collection. Check out the post here.

So my mom( keke) was checking my blog and asked if I could show her the Luella Spring 2008 collection b/c she loved Cl’s glasses. So I showed her on and I noticed the batman tees. I remembered that CL wore it during their first promotional pictures. I felt kinda stupid bdecuase I remeber looking at the collection only a week before.




Credit!, Don’t forget it


3 Responses to CL’s Batman Tee

  1. mizzy says:

    Batman-print tees is LOVE<3

  2. sunnybaby01 says:

    lol the batman tee [: well ii gotta admit, it really looks cute on CL. haha. I’ll try wearing those kinds.. ahaha ! ❤

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Just remembered that the Dark Knight during this time which explains all this bat stuff
    Her sunglasses are boss as always

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