Request :IU’s vest


I recieved that comment a few moments ago and I think found the link.! YAY! Hopefully it is what you wanted.


I found this vest, but as a heads up the feathers and other stuff was added on to the vest.

IU2You can purchase it here

I don’t know for how much because I can’t read Korean lol. Since Top Girl is a Korean namebrand, I dont’ think you can purchase it in the Us.

Happy shopping :] !



4 Responses to Request :IU’s vest

  1. :] says:

    thank you soo muchhh ;]

  2. Lena says:

    What about some of the Girls Generation’s dresses from their new CeCi spread?

  3. sunnybaby01 says:

    aaaaaaaah ! OMG that vest was so cute ! haha. thanks for the shaaaare !

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    This jacket is so swell, it looks like a cross of CL’s gold vest and your victorian riding jacket

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