2NE1 Style:July 17th

Every time 2NE1 does an “I don’t care performance” I am going to quickly try to find out what their wardrobe consisted of.Check out my July 12th post here to find out what they wore during that performance.



Darais wearing the white version of the Black shredded neck piece by Ann -Sofie Back , that she wore July 12th.


I think Dara’s cropped shirt was originally the Unisex Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Rasberry from American Apparel. I think the stylist  just cropped it themselves.

You can purchase the tee here for $17.00

Dara’s jeans are the same from last week.


These Cheap Monday v fit White Jeans. They originally cost $70.00, but you can buy them at Urbanoutfitters here, for $39.99. Kinda expensive, but a super swipe.

Now Bom

!BOMOUTFIT1 Okay, horrible screenshot on my behalf. BUT! it was the only one that showed that her Button down shirt has a kiss stain on it (cute) and that she was wearing pink hot shorts.

If you know about any of those two products leave a comment or an email.

I can tell you that her shoes are by SPX.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Not the exact pair of shoes since this has gold, but this was the cearest and biggest pic I could find)

Her all white kicks can be purchased here…but everything is in Japanese. All my readers from a Japan are very lucky. 😀



Finding out Minji’s tights was probably the funniest thing and easiest thing I have ever found as the Author of Kstyle. I was like ” are those care bears?” So I typed in Care bear leggings and what pop up THE LEGGGINGS! I know its not haha funny but it takes time to find this stuff lol…Sorry


The hot Pink “naughty Carebear” leggings cost $110.00 Credit to Seven Newyork for the picture & info, but they no longer the product. You can send an email to Sevennewyork t find out if they will put it back in stock. The name brand is Ground zero.

Last but not least CL:


CL’s tank is by no other than John Galliano 😀 I love his work. Ever since I started this blog I’ve had to view his collections and they are amazing. he is on my list of fav designers right after Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson ( I wanna see 2NE1 rock Betsey Johnson)



I’ll keep searching for more info. Leave tips!!!

Credit!, Don’t forget it!

Happy Shopping! Hwaiting!

Check out thier fashion on July 12th here


8 Responses to 2NE1 Style:July 17th

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  2. anonymous says:

    the top on CL is from Galliano but u posted the wrong design…

  3. anonymous says:

    n Minzy’s leggings is actually from Ground Zero…just to let u know

    • kstyleblog says:

      I know its ground zero , i forgot to write in. Seven new york is an online store that sells designer clothes

  4. chrissly says:

    i just realized that jaebeom wore something very similar to CL’s Galliano top… not sure if it was Galliano though.

  5. mandyduong says:

    2NE1 jjang!

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    Woah the newspaper tank is so nifty, so are the Care Bear tights >.<

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