CL’s Jumpsuit and Sunglasses in ‘I don’t care Mv’

I was going bonkers looking for Cl’s Jumpsuit. I checked Topshop, Urban, Cheap Monday…everything. Than I got an email from Miss Mew and she confirmed that it was from Topshop.  The TOPSHOP unique spring collection 2009 in fact.


I  don’t have a link as of know,but will post it a.s.a.p.

As for her batman Sunglasses.


These are the Luella Batman Sunglasses by Linda Farrow. This baby comes in black also.


The online store that sells these is currently out of stock. D; If you know a link please leave a comment on this entry.


Credit Miss Mew


5 Responses to CL’s Jumpsuit and Sunglasses in ‘I don’t care Mv’

  1. SB says:

    lol omg CL’s jumpsuit ! I didn’t really like what she was wearing at that time.. but oh well, gotta support her. the jumpsuit looks really old. but i guess thats the style these days now? haha lol. her batman mask. hmm i would like to wear one of those to a ball… haha

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  3. raindrops says:

    I needed those glasses this morning,was out all night.I would have looked very stylish……Great Stuff.

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  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    OMG those glasses are so cool >.<
    Modern replacement for a masquerade mask

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