2NE1 1st Mini Album is now out!

The moment we all have been waiting for…2NE1’s first mini album has been released! I am so excited to check it out. As always I insist that you go and purchase the CD. We need to support our artists that work very hard!

The CD cover is so cool. It has a disco , 3-D feel to it. Don’t you think so? 😀

Check out the track list:

1) Fire (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: TEDDY)
2) I Don’t Care (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: TEDDY, KUSH)
3) In the Club (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: TEDDY, KUSH)
4) Let’s Go Party (Lyrics: Masta Wu, Composition, Arrangement: TEDDY)
5) Pretty Boy (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: TEDDY)
6) Stay Together (Lyrics: KUSH / Composition, Arrangement: KUSH, Choi Gyu Sung)
7) Lollipop (Bonus Track) (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: TEDDY)

As you can tell Teddy Oppa, has worked really hard on this album! I know the effort is going to show and the girls are going to have successful promotions.



One Response to 2NE1 1st Mini Album is now out!

  1. Wickeddreamer says:

    So far I’ve loved their style in this album the best ^_^

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