Ji Hyun’s lego leggings


I saw this picture of Ji Hyun and imediately knew that her leggings were are from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (a.k.a JCDC)


These cropped lego leggings can be bought here for $37.50 ( they were originally $75.00) Super steal!

Happy Shopping!


Credit: Me, asian fantics for the picture and sevennewyork.com

Credit! don’t forget it 😀


6 Responses to Ji Hyun’s lego leggings

  1. Maria says:

    Hey, I was browsing some of your posts and I realize that you don’t really cover people like ‘MC MONG.’ Which is sad because I would like to know where to find his outfits, since I’d really like have them.

    Oh and by the way, I was just thinking how awesome it would be if one of these south korean celebrities decided to dress as a red guard. That would be fashionable AND land them in the spotlight all at once.


    • kstyleblog says:

      Hey Maria.
      Sure I’ll do a couple posts on Mc Mong. I though he looked cute on the firsts episode of that Snsd babysitting show. You should watch it!


  2. Alice Chien says:

    Is there another place that one could buy this outfit? I don’t believe the link you provided works anymore.

  3. mimitiss says:

    Hi Im looking for Ji Hyun’s t-shirt does someone know the brand? and where I can find it please?

  4. Etrnlsuns says:

    omg her tights are insane 😮 almost popping out haha awesome

  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    Never though LEGO tights would look so cool…

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