Tip 2:2NE1 shops at Good Nation


Remember this picture of 2NE1 shopping with their stylist, Yang Seung Ho? MerryCherry left a comment stating that the girls were shopping at Good nation.

You can see in the first picture that Seung is putting on a yellow hat on Dara. Does the hat ring a bell?  It’s the hat Dara wore for their Fire performance featured in the 2NE1Tv episode.

aSince Good nation is a Korean store that sells different name -brands, you have to be a citizen of South Korea to buy it. If you are lucky, you can buy it this DROP DAT!!cap (yellow) by TROPICAL SOUND here for 45,000 won. It also comes in black as you can see above.

Also Dara’s Shirt


You can get the PANCOAT ‘BIGEYES’ (black) for 32,00 won here

You can also get the red sweater Dara is ‘trying on’ in the 4th picture:

sdara sweaterThis PANCOAT ‘POPEYES CREWNECK’ (red) cost 64,000 here

Is the shark fin, that Cl wears from here?

CL is wearing CRITIC ‘KEEP SOUL JACKET’ (yellow) in the 3rd picture.

crt2009ss_coach%28yellow%29_dYou can buy it here

Thanks For the tips Guys!

Credit: MerryCherry for the tip

Credit, Don’t forget it

Happy Shopping!


3 Responses to Tip 2:2NE1 shops at Good Nation

  1. mandyduong says:

    i want pancoat stuff T_T

  2. Etrnlsuns says:

    wehehehe u can get on gmarkettttttt

    except the buying process is annoying -______-

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I like the pancoat crew neck. It seems adorable in contrast with all the other hardcore stuff 🙂

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