G Dragon and So hee love PLAY-ing


So a while back I came across a blog post ( That I can no longer find) that made me go bonkers. Why? because I wanted to find the designer of the shirts So hee and G ragon were wearing in the pic above. So life went on and the Comme des Garcons collection came out in H&M. I bought a CDG shirt for $10.00 and decided that I would google CDG stuff since I loved my shirt so much. BAM! I found out that CDG is the designer of these tops. The collection is called PLAY and it is really adorable…but expensive.

You can buy these awesome items here prices range from $103.oo to $358.00 you can get more items here also.

Happy Shopping!


Credit! Don’t Forget it! 😀

Credit: to the person who blogged about Sohee and GDragon haveing similar tastes in clothes ( cant find the post Sorry)


2 Responses to G Dragon and So hee love PLAY-ing

  1. Wickeddreamer says:

    H&M is always the best since you can get designer clothes fairly cheap

  2. Heids says:

    ooh didn’t GD get a tattoo with a heart similar to that? I’m pretty sure..

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