Dara’s tie-dye Jeans in new promo pic

Remember those Tie- Dye Jeans that Dara wore in her solo promotional pic? If not check it out below:


I discovered the designer of the jeans this morning in a store display while doing a couple of errands. The tie-dyed denim is the fab Levis 631 Skinny Premium Jean.


The wash looks different in the picture, because when it comes to tie-dye …no two wasehd are  the same : D. You can purchase them on UrbanOutfitters.com here for $68.00. ( Not 100% percent sure, but hey its a look-a-like)

I’m on the lookout for Dara’s Sweat shirt and heels. I know they are Nike , I just need a link to where it can be purchased.


Happy Shopping!

Credit: Myself , Urban Outfitters and Levis

_________________UPDATE as of July 16th______________

I think i am wrong the jeans might be by akademiks.


Picture credit to  Nitrolicious.com

You can purchase th Akademiks jeans here fr $79.99

Sorry for the error

Happy Shopping



4 Responses to Dara’s tie-dye Jeans in new promo pic

  1. Mi-sun says:

    credited you. =) keep up the good work!

  2. susan says:

    hii! a question! Sandara The shoes they wear in this picture, as they are called and if they are on sale? thanks. I love your page! keep up the good work. ^o^ byee~~

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love her shirt too bad there’s no link 😥

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