4 Minute & 2NE1 is rollin’ with their tire leggings

So today I saw this pic of 4Miute and I thought to myself ‘ Ji Yoon’s tights look like Minji’s(2ne1)”

4minute leggings

!!!(adorable shot)

They are the same tights . Just Ji yoon cut hers.

My friend(Chiri Chiri) linked me to this HUMAN POTENTIAL’s site and I discovered the tights! Dun dun Dun!

The Leggings are called Red tire.

4mitetight4tights4minut5This is a Korean site ,you can purchase them only if you live in Korea. D:So  if your lucky and that applys to you you can buy them here


!NOW!!NOWWThe White tire leggings are sold out D:





Human potential for their information, pics and fresh clothes 😀


9 Responses to 4 Minute & 2NE1 is rollin’ with their tire leggings

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  2. Daisy says:

    Where can i find and buy Jiyon’s Heart T-shirt please
    and thankx so much for upload all this post 😀

  3. krysti says:

    cute. i like jiyoon’s better because its cute loose on the side.

  4. Pamela says:

    how to register at HUMAN POTENTIAL to buy some of those leggings?? i want them badly.. help me 😦 im not KOREAN and i cant REGISTER @ Human Potential 😦 HELP!!

  5. rimapretty says:

    i like black b’coz minzy

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    I think these tights looks better with the rips

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