2NE1 without makeup

A picture of fresh faced 2NE1 members has been released and it has caused up a huge stir. Netizens have been leaving shocked comments sating ” Is that really CL?” or “Wow, they aren’t pretty at all.” 

The girls are known for their drastic cat eye makeup , so I understand why people are in shock, but these comments? Unnecessary. Sandara doesn’t look too different,Park Bom doesn’t look too bad either, she just looks tired – She is wearing eyeliner though. Minzy just looks tired as well. As for CL I think her messy hair, makes her look less like herself.

Check it out for yourself:


Well, I think they are so brave. Also on YG’s behalf, allowing these pics to be revealed. They’re not horrible pics. I mean usually Entertainment companies are like super strict on the image their group is suppose to keep.This shows that they are not like any other Girl group.I believe 2NE1 is going to be the most successful this summer between all the girl groups.



22 Responses to 2NE1 without makeup

  1. krysti says:

    they look scary but i guess looks don’t really matter. bom is always beautiful with makeup or without makeup.

  2. buju says:

    yes they are brave. but wow i always thought all these celebs have perfect flawless skin. i feel a little better now that i know they’re basically the same as us ^^

  3. SUSU says:


  4. SUSU says:

    bom and minzy they not bad kkkkkk……… lol

  5. mail gurl says:

    The pictures got linked YG didn’t release them. they don’t look that bad… i mean dara looks the best out of all them. CL…well she not the best lookin girl but she knows this, so its no news to her. and Bom….well i don’t think bom is pretty cos of all the surgery she got done. i’ve seen pics of her before she changed her face and she look good….why bom..why? she cant even change her facial expressions now! lol ..minzy just looks like she woke 2 mins b4 the pics was taken hahah.

  6. curiousity says:

    let the haters hate but TRUE and LOYAL fans of 2ne1 will always support them!


  7. Samantha N says:

    YG did not want the pics out there and said they would severly punish whoever was found to have leaked them… I don’t know why??? Any publicity is good publicity, and these pics really got people talking about the group!!! These kind of pics are always taken of celebs before photo shoots and videos, they are used by the beauty and fashion staff to decide how they are going to style the girls for the day.
    I don’t understand all the mean things people are saying, like,”wow they are ugly”, or, “MY GOD! Why wouldn’t they wear makeup?”
    I mean hello!!! You don’t wake up in the morning with makeup on do you? Well niether do celebs. And you don’t have perfect skin without any makeup on do you? Well then why do you expect celebs to? They are human just like the rest of us, no one is perfect!
    It’s actually even harder for celebs to have great skin because of all the heavy and shocking makeup that they have to wear all the time. It may make them look cute for pics and videos but it is very hard on the skin. Plus they are always busy and on the go so they most likely don’t get much sleep. You try and live that hectic life and have perfect skin and always look well rested and beautiful without any makeup, I doubt you could pull it off! (I know I couldn’t.)
    And for those of you who think “Well why didn’t they put a little makeup on before they left the house for the photo shoot, or whatever it was they were taking those prep pics for”. The reason is that even if they had, they would have had to take it off for those pics. Because as I said those type of pics are used for deciding what the makeup artists and stylists will do with each member and they need to start with a clean naked face for that.
    I think all four girls are beautiful both inside and out, and most important of all they are incredibly talented!!!
    GO 2NE1!!! Saranghae Minzy, your my girl!!!

  8. missy says:

    they r still pretty and al but it looks like they just got out of jail or either going into jail not to be mean im a fan of them

  9. HJAADD says:


    ” THE BEST

  11. It kinda shows us that they’re girls just like us. If they can do it, so can we. There’s no point in hating. Anyways, keep up with the good work, will always be supporting you guys no matter what.

  12. Etrnlsuns says:

    woah bom still looks like she’s wearing makeup! anyways, i think it’s how theyre posing that contributes to the pic.. dara looks like she wasnt entirely ready for the pic, for ex. anyways, theyre all beautiful and cool

  13. MIHARO says:

    I LOVE 2NE1!
    It’s not important that they are UGLY!
    ~I LoVe tHeM!!!

  14. Wickeddreamer says:

    The magic of makeup
    Is the reason they came up with “Ugly”? I don’t think they look ugly just normal (without the idol glamour)

  15. Blackjack says:

    2ne1 without makeup is still the best in my heart. Anw we love them because of their voices n music, not their faces right? We r nt like some other fans who like thier own idols because their idols r soooo beautiful or wadsoever =.=

  16. Taylor says:

    They don’t look that bad. Of course Dara and Bom are gorgeous. CL doesn’t look great but that’s because her hair is messed up. And Minzy would be fine, she just looks a little pale. But they’re beautiful! And Bom only got surgery cause she had a disease in her cheeks!

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