Wondergirls on Forever21 tank

Very old post that I’d thought i’d like to share:

I just woke up to discover that Wonder Girls are featured on a tank top at Forever21. I know I have blogged about Wonder Girl a lot already , but since they are in New York and all, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, The tank is only $13.80 kinda cheap.

I do have a concern about this item though. :T I don’t think Forever 21 got JYP‘s ( Their company) permission. If they didn’t this won’t be the first time Forever21 gets themselves in trouble.

I’m gonna buy it. I just don’t know when though…errrhh I don’t want it to be sold out before I get to buy it.

Left to Right: Ye Eun, So Hee and Maybe Sun Mi.

The ‘References’

Forever 21 is owned by a Korean dude , so it’s not the random.


Credit: Allkpop


My friend got it for me so now I have it in my possession. YAY!!
Super update:
The tank is no longer sold online, you can try in person though.


One Response to Wondergirls on Forever21 tank

  1. Wickeddreamer says:

    Woah…I NEVER knew Forever was owned by a Korean

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