Hyori Leopard hoodie and Spandex

Remember when Hyori and Uhm Jung hwa did a joint performance. you know, Hyori dressed ups Uhm Jung hwa and Uhm Jung hwa dressed up as Hyori. If not  you can watch that here.

Anyway, I know where Hyori got her outfit from .:D

hyori 2

The whole spandex outfit is from Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring 2008 collection. (Damn, Korea loves Margiela)

MARTIn spring 2008



See? Point shoulders,V cut, belt and Sparkles.

After Hyori did her Uhm Jung Hwa performance she came back on stage as herself and performed her song ‘ U go girl’ So she threw on her Jeremy Scott leopard hoodie.


jeremy-scott-adidas-0The hoodie is $180.00 and will be for sale on Adidas in October. You can get it sooner on ebay just for waaaaay more money.


One Response to Hyori Leopard hoodie and Spandex

  1. Wickeddreamer says:

    The spandex dress is SO sick…too bad its way out of my budget 😦

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