Big Bang G- Dragon’s Blood droplet earrings

I’ve wanted to get my hands on these Neon Blood Droplet earrings ever since G Dragon wore them during Big Bang‘s Haru Haru promotions. 😀

I recently got the neon green pair them this Friday @ Morning Glory (in Korea Town, New York ). They were $10.80. Pretty cheap compared to the prices online. If you don’t live in the New York area you can buy one earring here at for $11.04. Meaning a pair would be $22.08. So you can mix and match just like him.


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Happy shopping!


Credit: Myself
owners of the pictures I google-d.

12 Responses to Big Bang G- Dragon’s Blood droplet earrings

  1. Jetzy says:

    u can buy this ring at and pretty much other stuff of korean celeb.

  2. Revoultion34 says:

    can you buy them here in sydney?

  3. Revoultion34 says:


  4. Judy Nguyen says:

    you can also get it on

  5. yuuzuu says:

    it is so small… i thought the size is bigger…

  6. Etrnlsuns says:

    woow only 10?? awesome 😮

  7. Wickeddreamer says:

    Blood = awesome…too bad there wasn’t a more realistic one
    I love all the unisex things male kidols wear

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