2NE1 should wear Marc Jacobs

So many posts !! I know!! I just can’t help myself. 2NE1’s style brings out the wanna be stylist in me. That’s why when I saw these Marc Jacobshoes I had to post an entry.



Don’t these shoes just scream 2NE1.

The backwards heel is just amazing and this heart heel is toooooo die for. This could be worn by 2NE1 *hint hint*on like a special runway event it’s elegant, but has that 2ne1 “Wow” affect.

Ahhh, I would love to be a 2NE1 stylist….*sigh*

OH! The shoes are from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 collection.



4 Responses to 2NE1 should wear Marc Jacobs

  1. Pink_Ink says:

    Ahh! Those ARE pretty. But I would prefer them in Nicholas Kirikwood! Yummy shoes, my heart skips a beat every time I set my eyes on them. Okay exaggerating much, but they are to die forr ❤

    Love your blog by the way. Just got to know it today, and have been spending hours here already when I'm supposed to be slaving away to my textbooks 😀

  2. kstyleblog says:

    Thanks! 😀
    Nicholas Kirikwood is amazing!

  3. Etrnlsuns says:

    omg these shoes are so cool!!! wow 😮 the normal heel that u see is too boring for me lol but the weirder the shoe gets, the more expensive it is. sucks :p

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    The gold heart heels are soo cool….but wouldn’t it be hard to keep one’s balance in these heels? Wouldn’t want to see 2NE1 falling over themselves 😦

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