2NE1 new pics: Bom’s tights


Quick post. I noticed that the tights Bom is wearing in the new release pics is from American Apparel.

tightIn the pic the look lavender-ish , but they are silver/metallic. (I guess it’s the lighting)

You can buy them here for $52.00.  0_o

Bom also wore American Apparel tights for their first batch of Promo Pics.



These Spandex jersey slit leggings can be bought here for $32.00

This pic was also released and people are already dying to know wear to get the girl’s shoes.


This week is going to be a 2NE1 fashion overload so get ready.

Happy Shopping!



Don’t forget to credit me if you use my information.


4 Responses to 2NE1 new pics: Bom’s tights

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  2. jimuel says:

    i love her style by the way can you feature minzy’s style too and where she gets those colorful spandex she wears……………. im a guy but i really want one of those…………..

  3. Etrnlsuns says:

    pretty AWESOME tights 😀 esp the slit ones + the shoes

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    Is she wearing a dress or a mini skirt over the slit tights cuz I’m majorly into things with ruffles…

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