Dara and GD’s ripped Jeans

(still searcing for a better pic of her wearing the jeans)

I’ve been searching for Dara’s/ G dragon’s ripped jeans everywhere and I finally found them. I was looking through my H&m Spring/Summer 2009 Magazine and BAM! there was a pic right there with the designer info and stuff.

The Jeans are by Martin Margiela

The black pair are worn by Dara in her Fire promotions. G dragon is also seen in the Japanese My heaven MV and another time. Dara wore the white ones before also.

If you are cheap like me and don’t feel like speanding $$$$$$ on a pair of jeans. Do what I did… Make your own.


Better-ish angle?


3 Responses to Dara and GD’s ripped Jeans

  1. mandyduong says:

    i always wanted to know where these were from, thanks!

  2. Soo Jin Kim says:

    whooo… those are some srsly ripped jeans XD

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Dara’s look so ripped how do they still qualify to be called jeans?

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