And the BEAt goes on

Ever wanted to know where 2ne1 got their headphones from?
You know the ones they wore in the space version of Fire music video.
Well K-Style has it here.

The Head phones are called Beats and they are by Dr.Dre.

For more info about these bad boys you can read about it on the official site.

If you are loaded with DOUGH you can purchase them here for a crazy *** price of $299.95.( they only come in black on the site)

Happy shopping!



2 Responses to And the BEAt goes on

  1. hapacalgirl says:

    they are majorly pricey (they were about ~270 at Frys Electronics in the states). BUT they are some good quality headphones. If you really want to cancel outside noise when listening to your music, these are the headphones to get. I was trying them on and they cancel 100% of outside noise when in use. Its a great pair of headphones if you are willing to shell out the money for them.

  2. Wickeddreamer says:

    I know they are so cool but expensive :/
    even on black friday they were only about $20 cheaper

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