2NE1 rocks HELLZ x BELLZ

So I saw this pic and I thought it was adorable.Then I saw more pics ( the ones below) and I thought that Dara’s shirt looked amazing. Then googled “Hellz Bellz” just to see what was new and what do I see… Dara’s shirt along with Minji’s. Hence this entry post.

The Shirt Dara is wearing is The Coco X Hellz Tee in Red Women’s T-shirts By Hellz Bellz . You can find this shirt

 here  for $36.00. They also have it inwhite.


Minji’ shirt is also by Hellz Bellz. The Hellz Floyd Tee in Black Women’s T-shirts By Hellz Bellz is actually on sale. XD! it also comes in purple

You can buy it  here for $29.95.


If I find out about Bom’s and Cl’s outfits I’ll be sure to update.

Happy shopping!

5 Responses to 2NE1 rocks HELLZ x BELLZ

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  2. NinaLee says:

    i love Sandara’s sweater.
    where can i find that?

  3. Etrnlsuns says:

    hehehe is this the first post ever?

  4. Soo Jin Kim says:

    I recently found this site and i love all your posts… hahaha

  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    First blog post ever!
    Love Dara’s shirt and I recognize Bom’s sweater!

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